AnaLee’s Birthday set – FREE in JULY 2013 – ALB MAKAYLA mesh & more set

Alb Dream Fashion MAINSTORE

05th JULY 2013

“Enlightening, Exhilarating Extraordinary”

:::::::NEW MONTH FREE for women – AnaLee’s Birthday outfit::::::::::::

…”same procedure as every year“…every year in my RL birthday month I make you a special free set…and because it is summer it is a must be that it is total colourful…this year it is MAKAYLA…a beautiful mix from mesh, flexis and system clothes…

ALL is in…shoes…jewellry…gloves…and the most important 😉 the dress – ENJOY IT!

ALB MAKAYLA  - AnaLee's Birthday outfit 2013 - FREE JULY 2013

women hair form !VA! vanity hair by Tabata Jewell (not included)

:::::::SALE – ALB ANJUNA dresses::::::::::::

still at SALE is Anjuna…you can get it in three colours…lilac, rose, green – ONLY 200L
ALB ANJUNA lilac dress by AnaLee Balut

Alb Dream Fashion MAINSTORE


ShuShu trend direct – TP

:::::::NEW FREE for women – ShuShu’s Birthday outfit::::::::::::

…and here is the birthday set from ShuShu…her RL birthday month is June…until end of July you can get this beautiful dress FREE at her store…this set ShuShu and me did together…the outfit comes with DRESS, JEWELLRY, BEANIE,BELT, and BOOTS

ShuShu MOONWALK birthday special from ShuShu Congrejo

hair from Tabata Jewel (not included)

Also you can find more FREE SPECIALs from ShuShu…to each boots / shoe model she did one FREE…like this beautiful set…go and have a look…ShuShu trend HIPPIE TREND Lamu group gift   

more MESH items form Shushu you can get at the marketplace as well:


until end of July you will not get a lot new items from ShuShu…she makes a travel with her brother in South and Middle America still the next three month…if you have any problems with her itmes, send me a notecard and I try to fix the problem. Thank you.

::::::::::::::JOIN our LAMU GROUP!:::::::::::::

Lamu group…will offer you freebies form ALB DREAM FASHION & ShuShu TREND creations…
awsome designs and special gifts…

… just go to the corner of the entrance and you will see a group joiner. YOU MUST WEAR A LAMU GROUP TAG IN ORDER for to get our MONTH FREEBIES….group fee is 0L at the moment..


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