NEW RELEASE – EVANGELINA nightgown + lingerie by AnaLee Balut ALB DREAM FASHION

Alb Dream Fashion

ALB EVANGELINA you  can get in single lingerie packs as well

Alb Dream Fashion main store

GROUP GIFT and new lingerie/night gown by AnaLee Balut

Alb Dream Fashion

To all group membre of the second life LAMU GROUP 😉 you will find a beautiful skirt under the group notice in SL…it´s a group gift…

…for all who are not a member of the LAMU GROUP: the skirt is available to buy in the costumes part – last floor in the main store of  Alb Dream Fashion.ALB LITTLE witch skirt

…and a lingerie again ALB MOSAI lingerie set you will find at the last floor in the main store of Alb Dream Fashion, too.

ALB MOSAI lingerie set

ALB MOSAI you can wear only as underwear or shirt. And if you like you have a little night gown or babydoll as well.

Alb Dream Fashion

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