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Alb Dream Fashion


LIMITED SPECIAL – NO group tag neccessary

Hi all,

I know I am late this weekend. BUT for that I have a special limited preview dress.

I like ONXY very well and so I created an other SHORT set from this texture.
PAULINA will comming soon in more different colours and fabrics. Here now PAULINA purple included jewelleries…PAULINA preview will be only 100L for the next week…after the price will grown up and I hope I am ready with the rest sets…

fashion, shape, skin, lashes and jewellery – Alb Dream Fashion by AnaLee Balut

boots by BAX boots prestige by BAX COEN

hairs – MMS hair – Magdalena – LeLutka by Minnu Palen

best wishes, AnaLee

Alb Dream Fashion


NEW MONTH FREE (1L) + 2 new skirts by AnaLee Balut – ALB DREAM FASHION

Alb Dream Fashion

NEW RELEASE 28.April.2010

:)) did you wait for it ?…now it is available – the secondlife freebie in May 2010…go and grab it…


READY for WOMEN is the LAMU GROUP MONTH FREE in MAY (1L) – ALB FUN women – this set included flexi shirt, flexi skirt, flexi sculpted jacket, summer hat, leggings and shoes you will find where all my MONTH FREEBIES are…first floor to the right

fashion, shape, skin, shoes, lashes from AnaLee Balut – ALB DREAM FASHION

hairs form LEEZU! by LeeZu Baxter and GURL

Alb Dream Fashion

wear the LAMU GROUP tag, please if you like to get it
2 new skirts I made for you…

ALB ONYX set – comes included jewelry, flexi skirt, pants, shirt and heels

and ALB JASPIS  – comes included jewellery, 2 flexi skirt, sculpted pants, shirt and heels as well

ALL NEWS you will find direct at the entrance on a special board…

fashion, shape, skin, lashes, shoes from ALB DREAM FASHION by AnaLee Balut

MMS Hair-MAGDALENA – Jet from LeLutka by Minnu Palen

greetings, AnaLee

Alb Dream Fashion

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