Alb Dream Fashion

😉 this week I have more specials for you!

Tara with all included you can get for only 200L for the next two weeks.  – LAMU GROUP gift

I made the old TARA set I love very much better, put a pair of shoes to it, a nugget belt and new jewelry…Tara comes with a short and long skirt version.

and NOW NEW fashion for the comming spring SANDY boots and heels

…a wonderful compliment I got for the boots while I showed them my RL daughter 😉 she said: “…wow, hammer mum – this boots I would wear in RL…” all German will understand it smile – in English it is maybe like”…wow, absolut cool…” but I guess that doesn´t translate it realy 😉
Fact is she loves it.

…the FATPACK with the 6 pair of heels is a GROUP GIFT –  I sent it over the group notice from my LAMU GROUP – this shoes are calling for spring…

I wish you all a great week
oxoxoxo AnaLee

NEW RELEASE 02. March 2010

Alb Dream Fashion main store


NEW MONTH FREEBIE March is available by AnaLee Balut – ALB DREAM FASHION

Alb Dream Fashion

..hope the new MONTH FREE makes you happy 😉
… you get two different basic skins from my new skin generation. Mary and Larissa have a natural realistic look. Marys face is very cute with soft freckels and Larissa is a proud lady with dark skin.

and so you don´t have to go naked back home 😉 I give you a great lingrie to it as well

…ALB MADISON lingrie included, bra, slip, panty, corset with straps and stockings…wish you a lot of fun with it

The freebie you will find where all month frees are – in my Lotta part.

DON´t FORGET to wear the tag from my “LAMU GROUP” for to get this (1L) set…

The new other make ups are in the NEW SKIN part – of course. Mary and Larissa you can have as FATPACKS as well and the shapes to this skins you will find in the top of each. Shapes are modify…


oxoxo AnaLee

fashion, shapes, skins by AnaLee Balut  – ALB DREAM FASHION

NEW RELEASE 27. February 2010

Alb Dream Fashion main store

SPECIAL for the week – 200L skirt sets – ALB DREAM FASHION – AnaLee Balut

Alb Dream Fashion

…ONLY UNTIL SUNDAY 14.FEBRUARY 2010 you have the chance to get this beautiful skirts for only 200L each…

both AUTUM sets are total repainted form old creations 2007 ;), they come with tattoo gloves, shirt, pants, flexi skirt and new to it 2 bracelets isabella and a necklace

… than I change the 50L from Audrey heel. NOW you can get the blue AUDREYs  for 50L not the brown one any more…

clothes + heels / shoes – ALB DREAM FASHION by AnaLee Balut

shapes – ALB DREAM FASHION – AnaLee Balut (shape shu / naomi)

hairs  – !VA! VANITIY hairs by Tabata Jewell

skins – LIONSKINS by Lion Jonesford & [LeeZu!] LeeZu Baxter

..and if you like to have a little place for you own buisiness on LAMU ISLAND you have now the chance. Near the music club are some spaces for to rent…go and look if you like it…

I put this place in SL surch so that people can find it without knowing ALB DREAM FASHION. At the moment on this place don´t have a lot traffic of course 😉 – I made it new – hope you change this…

LAMU MARKET – orient bazar – space for to RENT

LOOK for “LAMU MARKET” in SL surch


Alb Dream Fashion main store

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