2 NEW LEATHER outfits with a SPECIAL offer by AnaLee Balut – ALB DREAM FASHION

Alb Dream Fashion MAINSTORE

10 January 2014

“Enlightening, Exhilarating Extraordinary”

:::ALB TAY spats / chaps gown outfit – NEW:::

…until end of the month you can get this great outfits for only 222L each – NO group tag nessaccary

ALB TAY gown outfit silver - studded Lady - leather by AnaLee Balut - ALB DREAM FASHION - secondlife

ALB TAY gown outfit gold - studded Lady - leather by AnaLee Balut - ALB DREAM FASHION - secondlife

Fashion designer Analee Balut invites you

… and you get OVER 100 vendors FOR FREE…

2014 – Since 7 years my motto “Enlightening Exhilarating  Extraordinary” dominates every aspect of the  shop
You will find great textures and a colorful style, full of grace and harmony: From hippie look to haute couture, from casual to formal wear. The shop offers items to style more than just one avatar: for offer are clothes, shoes, skins, jewellery, hair, accessoires all sex

Alb GROUP GIFTS left side

ALB GROUP GIFTS right side by AnaLee Balut  - ALB DREAM FASHION  secondlife

ALB GROUP GIFTS right side

ALB GROUP GIFTS left side by AnaLee Balut - ALB DREAM FASHION  secondlife


…7 is a special number for me …7  is my lucky number…

by this reason I put all Group Gifts I did for FREE the last years again at the store…all I remember and found
…I really don´t know if I found all but all together I set up OVER 100 vendors FOR FREE…

I make a really special offer for you – BECOME A GROUP MEMBER from our LAMU GROUP  and they are all yours!!!

::::A GREAT OFFER for secondlife NEWCOMER::::
…if you have SL Newbie friends tell them.
It is a really awesome chance to be dress quick all around in so many ways for a really low money.
…I put a fee from 500L at the group what is to understand I hope…I like to have trust member ;)…LAMU GROUP is for ALB and ShuShu frees

The group gifts you will find right and left together at the roofs from the store.

Alb Dream Fashion MAINSTORE


ShuShu trend direct – TP


ShuShu HAPPY HOLIDAY christmas mouse costume & boots

this cute outfit you still find FREE at Shushu’s store if you are in our Lamu Group…again she shows us one more time her unusually talent…

more MESH items form Shushu you can get at the marketplace as well:



::::::::::::::JOIN our LAMU GROUP!:::::::::::::

Lamu group…will offer you freebies form ALB DREAM FASHION & ShuShu TREND creations…
awsome designs and special gifts…

… just go to the corner of the entrance and you will see a group joiner. YOU MUST WEAR A LAMU GROUP TAG IN ORDER for to get our MONTH FREEBIES….group fee is 300L at the moment..