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Alb Dream Fashion MAINSTORE

14. February 2014

“Enlightening, Exhilarating Extraordinary”


A LIMITED CORSET and DRESS only 12x available from ShuShu and me.

ShuShu & ALB APPLE PIE corset dress limited 12x

ShuShu’s VALENTINE’s outfit included sofa, heels, nighty, hat, belt, lip cushion

ShuShu VALENTINES outfit - sofa - heels for slink high feet

ALB COATSALB MOO coat w hud and overknee boots

ALB TIFFANY night coat - MESH & ESTELLA boots 2ALB TIFFANY night coat - MESH & ESTELLA boots

ALB MALE – NUBIER guardian avatarALB NUBIER avatar and outfit all you see by AnaLee Balut - ALB DREAM FASHION

Alb Dream Fashion MAINSTORE


ShuShu trend – free wedding gown

ShuShu GOOD LUCK gown wearable demo gift with heels + hat

NEW – ShuShu hair tp with mega hud – APPLE PIE – 100L at the moment – limited time

 ShuShu APPLE PIE hair with all color hud

NEW – ShuShu blacks tp

ShuShu SNOW LOVE coat with heel boots to slink high feetShuShu DINNER at TIFFANYs with heel boots to slink high feet

ShuShu BREAKFAST at TIFFANYs outfit with pumps to slink mid feet

NEW – ShuShu APPLE PIE corset and outfit

ShuShu APPLE PIE corset & dress with hud

ShuShu APPLE PIE outfit 2full apple pie outfit 2 and the corset with mega hud is available for only 199L the next 24 hours. But you need a group tag.


ShuShu MORNING SIDE heels for slink high feet - mega hud

ShuShu MORNING PETRA heels fatpackShuShu trend RODEO SPIRIT 7x boots for slink high feet

NEW – ShuShu Rodeo Spirit direct – TP

ShuShu trend RODEO SPIRIT items picShuShu trend RODEO SPIRIT outfit incl boots - hair - bag


more MESH items form Shushu you can get at the marketplace as well:



::::::::::::::JOIN our LAMU GROUP!:::::::::::::

Lamu group…will offer you freebies form ALB DREAM FASHION & ShuShu TREND creations…
awsome designs and special gifts…

… just go to the corner of the entrance and you will see a group joiner. YOU MUST WEAR A LAMU GROUP TAG IN ORDER for to get our MONTH FREEBIES….group fee is FREE.

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