ALB HALLOWEEN HUNT 2014 for women & men by AnaLee Balut – ALB Dream Fashion

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04. Oktober 2014

HALLOWEEN HUNT 2014 – the next two weeks, ladies can go to a hunt around my mainstore and little town to get this beautiful witch costume. After I started the male hunt. This year we do it not together because it confused the last years…

You have to look for 10 little pumpkins. I will not give supports to the hunt and will not give you hints ;)…To find are 2 pumpkins with heels to slink feet, 2 with hats, 1 with the mesh tops, 1 with the mesh skirt, 1 with alphas and system layers top and string, 1 with jewellery, 1 with the flexi / sculpted skirt and 1 with mask (riggend & non rigged). During the hunt I set the group fee to 300L. So I will do it around christmas, too.

The jewellery will be great to ShuShu’s free Halloween as well!

ALB HALLOWEEN 2014 outfit incl gown hats heels jewellery by AnaLee Balut - Alb Dream Fashion


NEW – ALB MERCEDES dress with a 23 color hud – simple & for a low money

ALB MERCEDES dress with 23 color hud by AnaLee Balut - Alb Dream Fashion


Alb Dream Fashion MAINSTORE



ShuShu trend direct – TP

FREE HALLOWEEN dress from ShuShu



…and she did from the same mesh shape a semi exclusive design, only 10 available!

inside she did 3 versions: without mask, with black mask and with color maskShuShu DARK LOVE dress - semi exclusive design


ShuShu HUI BUH heels we showed you last news. Now ShuShu did from it a semi exclusive design, too. 10 available in silver 10 in gold! – only to get in her little store at the sims Millais (Lamu Island).

ShuShu HUI BUH heels to slink feet - semi exclusive design

more MESH items form Shushu you can get at the marketplace as well:


::::::::::::::JOIN our LAMU GROUP!:::::::::::::

Lamu group…will offer you freebies form ALB DREAM FASHION & ShuShu TREND creations…
awsome designs and special gifts…

… just go to the corner of the entrance and you will see a group joiner. YOU MUST WEAR A LAMU GROUP TAG IN ORDER for to get our MONTH FREEBIES….group fee is 300L during the halloween hunt. After it is 0L again.

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