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22. Juli 2014

 Football WC BRAZIL 2014 is over 😉 back to ALB FASHION. And – it is July – like every year I did a special FREE outfit in July because it is my RL birthday month – sure for WOMEN and MEN

ALB SOL for Women included dress, turban, jewelleries and heels – partiell mesh
ALB SOL outfit birthday 2014 - partiell mesh by AnaLee Balut - Alb Dream Fashion

ALB SOL / DENNIS for Men included pants, shirt, vest, shoes, tie, beanie – partiell mesh

ALB SOL - DENNIS outfit birthday 2014 - partiell mesh by AnaLee Balut - ALB DREAM FASHION

***ALB MORE NEWS to get…some for only 100L or FREE…***

HAREM outfit with wedge heels is a GROUP GIFT you can get

ALB HAREM outfit with wedges to slink feet only and jewelleryby AnaLee Balut - ALB DREAM FASHION

TALI outfit with heels you can get for only 100L

ALB TALI dress + MYSTERY heels for slink feet + body by AnaLee Balut - ALB DREAM FASHION

ILLUSIONS heels comes with two different styles

ALB ILLUSIONs heels for high slink feet - mesh 2 styles by AnaLee Balut - ALB DREAM FASHION

LILU cute little corset dress you can change unlimited in colors

ALB LILU dress w unlimited color HUD by AnaLee Balut - ALB DREAM FASHION

HAREM wedge heels comes with a MEGA HUD for to change different texture parts of the wedge

ALB HAREM wedges heels with MEGA HUD for slink feet - AnaLee Balut - ALB DREAM FASHION

Alb Dream Fashion MAINSTORE


ShuShu trend direct – TP

ShuShu REBEL wedge heels to slink feet with mega hud - rigged mesh ShuShu COMING SOON dress with hud 2ShuShu SUMMER FESTIVAL outfit - GOTHIC PARTY heels - rigged mesh

ShuShu REBEL wedges and COMING soon dress with hud

a new FREE pair of heels you will find, too.

ShuShu SUMMER FESTIVAL outfit with heels is to get for only 120L…hope I tell it right now 🙂

more MESH items form Shushu you can get at the marketplace as well:


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