!!!LAST DAY for the special EWA edition by AnaLee Balut – ALB DREAM FASHION

Alb Dream Fashion MAINSTORE

14th March 2012 ALB DREAM FASHION

“Enlightening, Exhilarating Extraordinary”

SPECIAL offer for YOU now… !!! 500L !!!LAST DAY for the special EWA edition inspirated from Genevieve KampalaALB CRAZY for PAISLEY multi dress…Gen wished a dress for a contest before some days and she asked me for some changes from EWA…her theme was CRAZY for PAISLEY … she got me direct…and here is what the dress became after we are ready. You find it direct at the entrance of 

Alb Dream Fashion MAINSTORE

This beautiful dress mix comes included hats, hijabs, different flexis, gloves, shoulder wrap and of course the dress in lace textures. The boots at the pic you will find in our shoe part…calls ALB ELISABETH boots.


…and a NEW OLD DRESS…100L ONLY!!!

the first ALB LAMU dress I made 2008 a time we don´t have sculpties and so I couldn´t do it in the way I imagine…now I remembre this beautiful dress and remake it…the old beautiful lace textures I let but the hijab veil is new now…the dress textures I repainted as well and put a beautiful skin to it…unforturnatly I forgot to wear the right make up what is included the pack…the make up from my Eshe skin you see normaly is included the Marina set which you find at the skin part…ok on Eshe make up is in the set and now the best!!! because this dress is so old I put it remade into the SALE!!! you can get it for only 100L…hopp and grab it…


SALE for a low buget……………………………………………………………




Lamu group…will offer you freebies form ALB DREAM FASHION creations…
awsome designs and special gifts…

… just go to the corner of the entrance and you will see a group joiner. YOU MUST WEAR A LAMU GROUP TAG IN ORDER for to get our MONTH FREEBIES….group fee is 0L at the moment…

…easy to find the group sign if you start to look form the mainlanding point as well

Alb GROUP join + MONTH FREE direct tp

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