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14th May 2011

“Enlightening, Exhilarating Extraordinary”


I had a wonderful holiday time but now I am happy to be back.

there was not a lot time the last week to make a lot…but

…I guess that´s what you waiting for… ;))

MONTH FREEBIE MAY is available… a dress with different flexis so you have many styles to wear it AND one pair of Chesterfield boots in white

…you remember this was the last news we had before I go to holiday…CHESTERFIELD boots ins some different colours…

Alb Dream Fashion direct tp to the shoe part…

skin at the pic  – ALB skin A TYRA 9 copper by AnaLee Balut (+ Alb Tattoo eye make up )

boots at the pic – ALB CHESTERFIELD boots (included the set)

hair – !VA! hair by TABATA JEWELL

direct tp – MONTH FREEBIE women here…

Alb Dream Fashion Month FREEBIE women


next is: I am proud to tell you that ALB DREAM FASHION is a part of Japan Relief Fundraiser event. Minimum 75% from all sales goes to SLCharityFundraising maximum 100%

and special to this: during this SLCharityFundraising time all items I set up there are some linden less than normal…so have a look

LM: JRF shopping – direct tp ALB DREAM FASHION

Thank you so much for your support!


SALE room other dresses here…

Alb Dream Fashion SALE DRESSING ROOM direct – TP

around the main store you will find a lot other items which are only 50L – 100L…most into the shoe part…


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