NEW FREEBIE MEN + 3 new skirts by AnaLee Balut – ALB DREAM FASHION

Alb Dream Fashion

NEW RELEASE 24.April.2010


READY for MEN is the LAMU GROUP GIFT in MAY (1L) – ALB FUN men – this set included flexi shirt, sculpted jeans and shoes you you will find third floor by the men clothes – because I made so low items for men, this freebie will be available right now…

Alb Dream Fashion

wear the LAMU GROUP tag, please if you like to get it

3 new skirts I made for you, it needed a while;) but it works, step by step…better than nothing smile


Rubinia is wearable in different styles, short and long version, lady or hippie style how you like…and the flexi skirts are great to combinate with other itmes…
second is ALB AMETHYST

AMETHYST comes with jewellry in orient style, you know it form one of the christ 2009 skirts. Unforturnatly I forgot to show it on the pick. Necklace, bracelet, ring and earring in orient style…
third is ALB OPAL

OPAL is available in 4 different color combinations

I wish you all great weekend,
oxo AnaLee

fashion, skins/shapes/ shoes by AnaLee Balut ALB DREAM FASHION

hair by LEEZU! – Leezu Baxter and GURL

NEW RELEASE 24. April 2010

Alb Dream Fashion main store


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