ALB started an EASTER EGG HUNT – by AnaLee Balut

Alb Dream Fashion

form today 24. March 2009 to 14. April 2009 my EASTER EGG HUNT will run.
only Easter Sunday and Monday is to short for to find all so I make it over this time. Hope that is enough for to find all…

I know you all love it.  – ALB ANGEL – So I recreated ALB ANGEL. And I created it in 20 different colours with prim belt and a new brocade jacket layer…you will find it all around my store…

ALB ANGEL skirts are not total free but not one is over 100L. 2 you will find for 1L, 1 for 10L, 3 for 50L, 4 for 70L and 10 for 100L…


Alb Dream Fashion


– you have to be a LAMU GROUP membre

-while you try to get the skirts you have to wear the LAMU GROUP tag, if not the vendors don´t work

if you are not a member of my LAMU GROUP right now, only click on Lamu Group in my profil, so you can join the group. Or look at the landing point form my store. There will be an inviter, too…

and a sign, with a lot of more informations about the hunt !!! please read this notecard inside this sign

after EASTERN I will give to all in the group one ALB ANGEL for free. This FREEBIE is the ALB ANGEL 2009 white skirt. And it comes with a prim belt and a bracelet from ALB BOUQUET. You cannot find it on the hunt. I will only send it over the group…AFTER EASTERN !!!


wish you all a lot of fun with this hunt,

oxo AnaLee

Alb Dream Fashion







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